SHWE BANK关于ZV Chain严重侵权的声明

近期,我行(SHWE BANK)发现由抹茶(MXC)基金投资的ZV Chain(紫薇链)声称其项目与SHWE BANK达成合作关系,SHWE BANK已连入其平台的节点交易中, 并公然将SHWE BANK银行标识加入其宣传方案中。

对于此类虚假信息和严重侵权行为,我行(SHWE BANK)特此做出严正声明:SHWE BANK没有与抹茶(MXC)基金或ZV Chain (紫薇链)达成任何合作关系,也没有参与到其节点当中。上述信息完全为ZV Chian(紫薇链)虚假杜撰。该项目以SHWE BANK名义开展的一切活动都属于严重的侵权违法和欺诈行为,我行(SHWE BANK)对此类欺诈客户和侵权行为提出严正警告。鉴于此事的恶劣影响,我行(SHWE BANK)已经启动了法律程序追究上述公司的法律责任。

Recently, SHWE BANK found that ZV chain, invested by MXC fund, claimed a partnership with SHWE BANK and it was connected to the node transaction of ZV Chain platform, the LOGO of SHWE BANK was even be added to its promotional website.

For such false information and serious infringement acts, SHWE BANK hereby makes a solemn statement, that SHWE BANK DOES NOT had any partnership or been involved in the nodes with MXC fund or ZV Chain. The information above is completely falsely fabricated by ZV chain, and all activities carried out in the name of SHWE BANK are serious violations of copyright and fraud. We (SHWE BANK) seriously warn such fraud and infringement acts. At the same time, SHWE BANK has initiated legal proceedings to pursue the legal responsibility of the above-mentioned companies.