受访者:Blitz Kitten(白币社区全球公关发言人)


How does Whitecoin make a decentralized team work effectively? As we know, for employees in China, insurances and housing fund will be a problem without an employment contract. Especially for employees in Tier-1 cities, cost of life is very high. It is hard for us to believe that employees can completely be involved in a project when they have concerns of life quality.


The Whitecoin team works effectively primarilydue to consistent and contact and regular meetings. We are fortunate that thereis a window of opportunity at both the morning and night time where bothspheres of the Whitecoin team are active. This facilitates easy daily contactas European crosses over with Chinese night time.

A common goal of growth and development are held by all members of the Whitecointeam which is key to both efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects ofWhitecoin.

Most team members would not be consideredcompletely involved, but due to the large number of participants, goodcommunication and team work we are able to effectively achieve our goals.





Are you full-time involved in Whitecoin’s project? How about other core members of Whitecoin? Are they full-time involved in?

您是否全职参与白币的项目? 那么白币的其他核心成员呢? 他们是否全职参与?

No, I am not full-time involved inWhitecoin but I spend numerous hours each day working on Whitecoin.

Most members are not full-time but have asimilar schedule where they dedicate their time to Whitecoin on a daily basis.But some are dedicated full time to the growth and development of Whitecoin.




Why does Whitecoin set up a various of services and products such as devices, wallet, exchange, etc.?


Whitecoin at its core aims todeliver three things; security, a low power consuming blockchain and fasttransactions.We do this because our team and community think these are valuableassets incryptocurrency.

The services such as Whitenode and WhiteOSaddress both the low powerblockchain and create a greater level of security.

Whitenode does this by giving the abilityto connect to the Whitecoinnetwork and stake coins on a Raspberry Pi, a unitwhich consumes less power thana modern LED light globe. This means the entireWhitecoin network could bepowered for less than 2 or 3 Bitcoin mining units.

WhiteOS increases security and convenienceby having a platform which hasthree main characteristics; portability, coldstorage and a plug and playplatform that users can hold all compatible walletswith. Users essentially haveall their cryptocurrencies with them and are ableto quickly access them fortrading or purchasing products while maintaininghigh security of being offlineuntil the moment it is used.

Devices, wallets and exchanges are allintegral to the integration of Whitecoin to a usable and functioning coin.


Whitenode 和White OS地址的服务都是低耗能区块链,并且具有高水平的安全性。


WhiteOS 提升了安全性和方便性,因为它有三个特点:便携,冷储存、插头和运行平台,这个运行平台与用户想用的各种钱包都兼容,可以把它们都放在上面。用户可以在管理所有加密货币的同时,快速的进行交易和购买等操作,同时,还能在除了使用的时候以外,保持高安全的不在线状态。




How can you make sure that the process of developing different devices and projects can progress smoothly and effectively when Whitecoin’s all financial resources are depending on donations?


Relying on donations does have itschallenges. We are fortunate that the community behind Whitecoin believe in theproject as much as the development team, this has meant that when donationsfunds have been needed they have been raised.

Part of the successof projects is that the services are open source, this allows side partnershipsto embrace and build on Whitecoin. This allows other groups to capitalize uponWhitecoin, a relationship which is beneficial to both parties. This also meansthat these groups can develop devices and initiate their own projects, such asthe XWCMiner project.




How many communities and members does Whitecoin have now? and what is the distribution? Which country are most of the users from?


It is very difficult to say how manycommunities and members Whitecoin has, or what defines a community member.Arguably anyone who has ever looked in to Whitecoin or traded Whitecoin is partof the community. Some members engage daily in the community while others aremore passive.

We do have a global influence though withknown community members from all continents and many different countries andour different communities see growth daily.The largest known communities though existin China, Europe and the United States.




Why did Whitecoin decide to explore Chinese market? What do you think of Chinese market?


Whitecoin explored the Chinese marketbecause we saw a growing interest in cryptocurrency and the opportunities ofgrowing in the country with the highest population in the world are limitless.

We see the dedication and adaptability toemerging technologies like blockchain are encouraged in the Chinese market andfeel that Whitecoin offers innovations which are valuable to the Chinesecommunity.




Most Chinese people consider cryptocurrency as a tool of increasing wealth, just like stocks. Without strong financial resources, how does Whitecoin educate the market to let them know the concept and the goal of Whitecoin?


The Whitecoin team knows that the greatestway to educate and spread any message is through the people we know. You aremuch more likely to try a restaurant that a friend suggests than one that isadvertised.

By having a dedicated team and communitywho actively spread our message to those that they can influence means that theengagement is much higher.

We also feel that by having an organicgrowth of our community it avoids over capitalization, this is much better forthe long term growth of Whitecoin and rewards all who join no matter when. Itis not just a coin for early adopters and by engaging at a slower rate ensuresthose who get involved have a greater connection with Whitecoin and benefitmore in the long term.




Since Whitecoin did not cooperate with popular exchanges in China such as Huobi, OKex, what is your standard of finding an exchange for cooperating?

白币没有上中国的一些大交易所,比如火币,OK等等 ,你们选择交易所的标准是什么?

Whitecoin is currently listed on a range ofexchanges based in many countries globally. This allows us access to a vastrange of markets. Through this diversity this ensures that it is easilypossible to buy and sell Whitecoin with a trusted platform.

We do continue to search for exchanges to cooperate with.

Negotiating with exchanges has itsdifficulties. In the current climate where many coins are created daily and areall competing for market space it is the exchanges which have a large sway atthe negotiating table. This often leads to requirements which are too high forthe benefit that Whitecoin will receive.

As we already have a diverse range oftrading platforms we are established and not reliant on a single exchangelisting for our success. This is in contrast to new coins which must get listedon an exchange to survive and are willing to fulfill potentially high demands.

By being a long term established coinWhitecoin gains a greater ability to negotiate as we grow and exchanges see usas an asset they want to have, this makes the cooperation much more balanced.

Fundamentally we do search for exchanges tocooperate with and make a decision based upon the benefit to our members.






Blackcoin also started from the beginning of 2014, and also applied POS 3.0. What are the main differences between Blackcoin and Whitecoin? Why did you create Whitecoin when Blackcoin started to apply POS3.0?


Blackcoin, Whitecoin and all the othercolored coins have a similar shared history.

We created Whitecoin because we wanted itto be driven by the skills and the desires of community members guided by thedevelopment team.This is integral as we feel that themonetary system, which Whitecoin is part of should be built and controlled bythose who use it.Primarily Whitecoin was created because ofthe philosophy that cryptocurrency should be “by the people, for the people”.It is that philosophy which separates us from other coins and guides ourdevelopment.

An example of this is smart phones, Appleinvented the iPhone other companies such as Samsung make smart phones too, manyof their components are shared and their final products are comparable. The question could be asked why does Samsung make smart phones. Their answer wouldbe similar to ours; because they can do it differently how they want to do it.

Whitecoin was created because we wanted tomake a coin which reflects our values and our communities values.